The fourth committee of the United Nations General Assembly is known as Special Political and Decolonization Committee, briefly stated as SPECPOL.

At first the fourth committee was established to be responsible for trusteeship and decolonization related issues. Somehow with the dismantlement of the trusteeship system, the committee has merged with the Special Political Committee and ended up being the fourth committee of the General Assembly.

The committee deals with various issues of decolonization and related items such as the effects of atomic radiation, comprehensive review of the question of peacekeeping operations, United Nations Relief and Work Agency for palestinian refugees in Near East, the questions relating to information, the mine action, the report of the Special Committee on Israeli Practices and International Cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space.

Unlike other General Assembly committees, SPECPOL doesn’t have the authorization to make a legally binding decision. The aim of the committee is to look for solutions where every member states have equal right to speak.

Agenda Items

•Cleaning the explosive remnants of war and reviewing the implementations of UXOs at the areas of former hostitilies

•Combating the political dispute in the Transnistria area