The story begins in 1911, where ten strong willed men gathered and formed the Black Hand Secret Society, also known as ‘Union or Death’. Their main objective is to unite all Serbians and Serbian land to create the Greater Serbia. They stated that they will choose to go with violent ways instead of peaceful ways for this to happen, and this violence was destined to grow further and develop into something much more. With the current tension in the world the Black Hand worked behind the scenes and eventually, they became much more than their original roots

Now, are you ready to fight with everything you got for your Fatherland, for your brothers, sisters and for your kin? Are you ready for the blood that will be shed in this committee? Are you ready to walk the road to Greater Serbia? Are you brave enough to join the Black Hand?

If you think you are ready repeat after me:
“I, in joining the organisation “Union or Death”, swear by the Sun that warms me, by the Earth that nourishes me, before God, by the blood of the ancestors, on my honour and on my life, that I will from this moment until my death be faithful to the laws of this organisation; and that I will always be ready to make any sacrifice for it.

I swear before God, on my honour and on my life, that I will take all the secrets of this organisation into my grave with me.”

“Only Unity Will Save The Serbs
Само слога Србина спасава”

Trust only kin.