Be the change you wish to see in the world.


Most distinguished participants,

We are tremendously honored to welcome each and every single one of you to the second annual session of Burak Bora Anadolu Lisesi Model United Nations conference. Our devoted and dedicated team whom we all feel so blessed to work with has been working on this conference for almost two years now to create a unique, remarkable experience for every participant.

BBALMUN 2019 will host a grand total of  9 committees in 2 different languages ; Turkish, English. The conference will be held from February 22nd to February 25th, 2019 at Maltepe University campus. Whether you're a veteran MUNer or a newcomer, BBALMUN 2019 offers a wide selection of committees suitable for you. This year BBALMUN proudly presents 9 committees. Alongside the long- time MUN classics Disarmament and International Security (DISEC), The Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN), Social, Cultural and Humanitarian (SOCHUM), this year's most anticipated committees are Cabinet Invisible War, NATO (Nort Atlantic Treaty Organization), JCC (Joint Crisis Committee): Mexican Election, Arab League, UNPA (United Nations Parliamentary Assembly) BBALMUN 2019 will host Bakanlar Kurulu committee in Turkish a carefully picked agenda item contemporary and important.

One person, a spark of an idea can the world. Heroes are only made of flesh. We can be the change we wish to see in the world and as Burak Bora Anadolu Lisesi MUN family it is our distinct pleasure to create a progressive platform in which ambitious and determined individuals can learn how to grow
as a member of an effective and functioning group. We, the people, are the future; we are the change that we need.

We are looking forward to seeing you.
Join us!

Organization Team


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February 22-25


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