Most Esteemed Participants, Distinguished Advisors, Dear Guests,

It is our utmost pleasure and delight to welcome you to the third annual session of Burak Bora Anadolu Lisesi Model United Nations Conference, which will be held from February 28th to March 2nd of 2020 at Yeditepe University. 

As BBALMUN family, we started this journey inspired by a quotation of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Since the first edition of our conference, we have been trying to be the change that we hope to one day see in the world, the people that inspire more than four hundred participants annually. This year, with your participation, our goal is to hold on to the theme of global change arising from the youth, while achieving the best both in academical and organizational aspects.

BBALMUN 2020 will give you the opportunity to  challenge yourself with our meticulously chosen agenda items in innovative and original committees with great committee environment, respectful debates and friendly discussions. While our conference has always been a place of fair negotiations for the leaders of tomorrow, we also guarantee that our third edition will be an exclusive experience in order to develop your public speaking and  problem solving skills, and further expand your MUN career.

This year, we will be offering you 7 committees in different levels that focus on tackling some of the most compelling issues in the world. Our General Assembly committees; GA-1:DISEC , GA-4:SPECPOL and GA-6:LEGAL ,  will be debating on essential security and political crisises and legal questions globally. Our specialized agencies designed carefully for more experienced delegates include a wide selection of organizations and cooperations trying to solve pressing challenges of past, present and future. Commonwealth of Nations will be discussing upon India-Pakistan relations with a special emphasis on Kashmir border situation and humanitarian crisis. United Nations Parliamentary Assembly will allow for a greater participation and voice for different political thoughts upon urgent matters that will shape the future of the Parliament. Cabinet: Shanghai Pact will be meeting once again in 2021, to ensure the safety of their people, and the safety of the world. 10 Serbian men will be gathering in Cabinet:The Black Hand to bring what is truly deserved for their nation, the Great Serbia.

To conclude our words, on behalf of the Academic Team, the Organization Team and the Secretariat, we are proud to express that we truly cannot wait to welcome you to what is shaping to be the most successful iteration yet of BBALMUN. 

Best Regards,

Janset Esen and Aslısu Cantürk

Secretary General and Director General of BBALMUN 2020